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About Us

In order to enhance emergency preparedness and prevention efforts, Penn State has established a Behavioral Threat Management Team (BTMT). The objective of the BTMT is to systematically identify, evaluate, and manage potentially threatening situations, including persons of concern, at the University. The multidisciplinary team is composed of people from across the University. This centralized team is led in partnership between Student Affairs and University Police and Public Safety.


The Pennsylvania State University Behavioral Threat Management Team is committed to the safety and well-being of the University community through education, communication, planning, assessment, and management toward the goal of mitigating behavioral threats. 



To educate others on recognizing behavior that may be aggressive, disruptive, or dangerous, and the risks associated with such behavior.


To provide methods for improving threat awareness and communication related to concerning behavior, reporting options, response protocols, and general team functions.


To implement a structured and effective system and process that provides team planning regarding all functions of the team, including but not limited to: community education, awareness and outreach, incident response and threat analysis, violence de-escalation practices, and program evaluation.


To assess overall program efforts and outcomes, and identify and discuss campus environment trends that negatively affect the climate of our community and influence policy development and resource allocation.


To effectively manage all incidents referred to the BTMT and all other functions and processes associated with the threat analysis and management process.

Team Members


Gina D'Amato Kaufman, Director of Student Affairs
Margo DelliCarpini, Chancellor 
Keisha Johnson, Director of Residence Life and Community Standards 
Sanjay Bridges, Station Commander
Karen Gould, Psychologist
Lisa Marranzini, Regional HR Strategic Partner
Andrew August, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 


Sean Kelly, Director of Student Affairs

Ashley Owens, Director of Student Accountability and Conflict Resolution

Peter Moran, Assistant Dean for Policy and Planning

Jason Salm, Police Station Commander

Mitch Bonsell, Supervisor of Grounds, Facilities and Operations  

Christine Towns-Metrik, Co-Director, Health & Wellness Center

Domenica Ahmuty, Director of Residence Life

Dani Fry, Director, Center for Student and Civic Engagement



Amy Gartley, Associate Director of Student Affairs
Chris Rizzo, Director of Student Affairs
Patrick Smith, University Police and Public Safety
Marque Wiese, Station Commander
Barbara Kugel, Student Health Services
Brenda Schultz, Student Personal & Career Counselor
Stephanie Davies, Regional HR Strategic Partner
Bill Dungee, Interim Director of Finance and Business
Carey McDougall, Director of Academic Affairs


Mark Dawson, Interim Director of Business Services 
Aurora Brunovsky, Human Resources
Mark Groff, Sergeant-University Police and Public Safety 
Colleen Tilger, Counselor
Elyce Kaplan, Campus Registrar
Belen Rodriguez Mourelo, Faculty
April Johnson, Director of Student Affairs 
Joel Avram, Lieutenant-University Police and Public Safety
Saundra Reichel, Director, Campus Life




Gary Miller, Senior Associate Director of Student Affairs

Marilyn Wells, Chancellor

Margaret Buban, Director Budget and Finance

Dan Murphy, Director of Student Affairs

Donald Brennan, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Ed Dixon, Counselor

Lisa Marranzini, Regional HR Strategic Partner

Wiebke Strehl, Director of Academic Affairs

Falesha Ghee, Sergeant-University Police and Public Safety

Melinda Kennedy, Regional HR Strategic Partner (Interim)




Pamela Knowlton, Registrar

Karlisma Souders, Director of Business Services

Seth McGeorge, IT Director

Laura Ax-Fultz, Associate Dean for Library & Information Services

Amy Gaudion, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Bob Lehman, Station Commander

Walter Maiellano Sr.  Police Officer

Devan Drabik, Marketing and Communications Manager 3

Laura Williams, Associate Dean for Administration, Associate Dean for Career Services

Megan Riesmeyer, Clinical Professor, Community Law Clinic

Bekah Saidman-Krauss, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid

Kalene Faircloth, Assistant Director of Student Services

Jeffrey Dodge, Associate Dean for Student Services


Rebecca Pennington, Director of Student Affairs

Jill Betton, Campus Nurse

Diana Kreydt, Disability Services Coordinator

John Licatovich, University Police and Public Safety

Dave Bish, Assistant Teaching Professor of Administration of Justice

Colleen Lanzoni, Mental Health Therapist

Cody Haag, University Police and Public Safety

Stephanie Ryan, Regional Human Resources Director 

Adam Bundy, Academic Advising


Ken Miller, Chair, Senior Director of Administration and Student Affairs
Susan Daley, Director of Personal Counseling
Randy Geering, Director of Business Services
Sarah Whitney, Assistant Director of Academic Administration
Kimberly Paris, HR Strategic Partner
Kelly Shrout, Associate Director of Student Affairs
Susan Carnes, Advanced Care Practitioner
Lesley Mitchell, Station Commander


Chad Long, Student Affairs
Jason Bush, Director of Business Service
Amanda Collins, Counseling and Psychological Services
Scott Williams, University Police and Public Safety
Jo Jankoski, Faculty Representative
James Lane, University Police and Public Safety
Ronette Poorbaugh, Campus Nurse
Barry Pawloski, Assistant Director of Student Affairs


Great Valley

Melinda Kennedy, Regional HR Strategic Partner (Interim)
JoAnn Kelly, Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services
Colin Neil, Chancellor 
Dan Cella, Interim Director of Finance & Business 
Sanjay Bridges, University Police and Public Safety 

Greater Allegheny

Lorraine Craven, Director of Student Services & Engagement
Chip Roberts, Registrar 
Erica Willis, Program Director of Academic Career Excellence (ACE)
Marcus Roberson, Academic Advisor
Louise Whyte-Aravich, Residence Life & Student Leadership Coordinator
Jim Lane, Station Commander-University Police and Public Safety 
Jim Reed, University Police and Public Safety
Megan Nagel, Faculty 
James Jaap, Faculty 


Todd Clark, Senior Director of Student Services

Shawn Frawley, Police Officer 

Holly Angelique, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Kelly Weaber, Assistant Director, Student Care and Advocacy/Residence Life

Omid Ansary, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Craig Merkey, Associate Director of Recreation

David Beardsley, Regional HR Strategic Partner

Eileen Haase, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Evan Williams, Assistant Director, Diversity, Education, and Inclusion 



Tracy Garnick, Director of Student Services & Engagement

Michael Morrison, Director of Business Services

Karen Sofranko, Director of Academic Services and Retention

Dana Sukeena, Counselor

Gina Tarud, Associate Teaching Professor

Elizabeth Wright, Chancellor

Albert Lozano-Neito, Interim Director of Academic Affairs

James Joos, University Police and Public Safety


David Melhorn, Security Director
Jill Curry, Director, Human Resources, College of Medicine 
Susan Kelley, Director of Student Affairs
Nicole Lehman, Assistant General Counsel
Kay Makin, Director of Risk Management
Jane Mannon, Vice President, Human Resources
Mary McQuinn, Human Resources Manager
Michael Mohr, Assistant General Counsel
Barbara Righter, Manager of Provider and Family Relations
Tracy Sinopoli, RN, Nurse Manager
Jake Theis, Associate General Counsel
Kim Yoder, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Faculty Equity Officer

Lehigh Valley

Thomas Dubreuil, Director, Student Programs and Services

Danyell Fondl, Registrar

Tammy Yocum-Cwienkala, Counselor

Linda Rumfield, Coordinator of the Learning

Aurora Brunovsky, Regional HR Consultant

Allison Souchuck, University Police and Public Safety

Matt Palmer, University Police and Public Safety

Jonathan Desiderio, University Police and Public Safety

Jennifer Waidelich, Campus Nurse 

Katie Schneck, Director of Business Services

Marta DeSilva, Director of Advising and Career Services 


Mont Alto

Jay Arcuri, Director of Student Affairs
Michael Doncheski, Director of Academic Affairs
Lauraine Hawkins, Faculty Representative
Marla Minnich, Student Advocacy Specialist
Darlene Pasi, Counselor
Kendra Wolgast, Director, Academic Support Center
Craig Wagner, University Police and Public Safety 
Sophia McCleaf, Division of Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
Danielle Werner, Campus Nurse
Staci Brennan, Director of Athletics
Patty Gochenauer, Manger of Student Services

New Kensington

JW Tabacchi, Director of Student Affairs 

Andrea Adolph, Director of Academic Affairs 

Jason Bush, Director of Business and Finance

Stella Milburn, Nurse

Kendra Kitko, Personal Counselor 

James Lane, Station Commander 

Oscar Aguilera, Mental Health Counselor

Marissa Welsh, Learning Center Coordinator

Larry Bishop, University Police and Public Safety 

Paula Dove, Administrative Support Assistant

Allen Larson, Interim Director of Academic Affairs



Bryan Valentine, Director of Student Affairs & Engagement

Melinda Anthony Spolski, Coordinator of Counseling and Disability Services

Steve Guers, Sergeant - University Police and Public Safety

Lauren McCarthy, Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Kimberly Quinn, Student Services Associate

Cynthia Ebling, Coordinator of Health Services

Lacey Timony, Assistant Director of Athletics

Darcy Medica, Director of Academic Affairs

Michael Zaborowski, Advising and Retention Manager


Matthew Nied, Director Student Services and Engagement
Eugene Grogan, Director of Business Services
Kathy Stefanelli, Counseling
H. Durell Johnson, Director of Academic Affairs
Jill Thoman, Campus Health Nurse
Eileen Giovagnoli, Associate Director of the Learning Center
Meghan Cruciani, Associate Director of Academic Advising
James Garraway III, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid



Tony Paglia, Personal Counselor and Disability Services Coordinator 

Elaine Andrews, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs

Cassandra McCowinStudent Engagement Coordinator

Bill Dungee, Director of Business Services/Finance Officer

Andy Puleo, Director of Student Affairs

Joseph Izzo, University Police and Public Safety

Deborah Brennan, Reference & Instruction Librarian

Stephanie Davies, Human Resources 

Amy Nagy, Sexual Harassment Resource Officer

Jim Castelli, University Police and Public Safety

University Park

Rebecca Bywater, Director, Threat Assessment
Wes Sheets, Chief, University Police and Public Safety, Co-Chair
Danny Shaha, AVP, Student Affairs, Co-Chair
Suzanne Adair, Associate Vice President for Affirmative Action
Sarah Ades, Associate Dean for Graduate Student Affairs
Anna Barone, Director, Student Care and Advocacy
Paul Carswell, CAPS, Coordinator of Crisis Services
Holly Cline, Associate General Counsel
Ted Delaney, Lieutenant, University Police and Public Safety
Natalie Depalma, Co-Interim Director of CAPS
Lori Anne Hawn, Director, Graduate Student Services
Meeghan Hollis, Student Services Associate
Ken Korbich, Manager, Labor & Employee Relations
Katy Larkin, Senior Director, Student Conduct 
Tamla Lewis, Associate General Counsel
Spencer Peters, Director, Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response 
Stephanie Preston, Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Student Affairs Assistant Dean, Graduate Educational Equity
Mark Rameker, Senior Director - Residence Life
Alan Rieck, Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Brett Scofield, Co-Interim Director of CAPS
Andrew Mitchell, Associate Director, Office of Student Conduct
Jen White, Employee Relations Senior Specialist 
Lisa Marranzini, Regional HR Strategic Partner
Amber Grove, Title IX Coordinator

Wilkes Barre

Wanda Ochei, Director of Student Services & Engagement

Lorrie Deffley, Regional HR Director 

Lynda Goldstein, Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

Michael Morrison, Interim Director, Business Services

Travis Sheaffer, Police Officer 

Maredith Cosgrove, Clinical Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist 3

Sarah Luvender, Personal Counselor

World Campus

Jen Toof, Student Services Associate

Andrea Buffone, Academic Advising Manager

Colleen Coudriet, Director of Financial Aid and World Campus Central

Denita Wright Watson, Student Advocacy Specialist

Joseph Buffone, Education Strategy and Planning Manager

Linda Fultz, Accountant/Financial Aid Coordinator 

Maggie Kwok, Student Advocacy Specialist

Michelle Henry, Mental Health Case Manager 

ZaMyra Dow-Shaw, Mental Health Therapist


Scott Simonds, Director of Student Affairs

Robert Farrell, Director of Academic Affairs 

Bob Lehman, Station Commander, University Police and Public Safety 

Holly Gumke, Director of Business Services

Sarah Bender, Counselor, CAPS

Joel Gugino, Director, Nittany Success Center

If you have an emergency, call 911.